Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow. Snow. Snow.

Haven't posted in a while. I know. The same old excuse of not much going on lately won't cut it, but really...

It's winter in Kuroishi!!

Meh. Cabin fever.

We are getting to watch a lot of movies. Just yesterday we went to see American Gangster. I think it came out in the States last November and has just now made it to Japan. If you haven't seen this and have three hours to spare someday I recommend it. I think it is a coming back for Ridley Scott from some of his recent blunders. There are a lot of trolling movie illiterati (I made this word up!) on IMDB who are bashing it but pay them no mind and check it out!

I have also been working on uploading hundreds of more photos to my web album. Many pictures were taken by Ris or Dustin. Some of my favorites though are the close-ups include in the Rust, Moss, Bug and Urchin album!

Rust, Moss, Bugs, and Urchin

Next weekend Ris and I are going to try and spend the night at an onsen for my birthday. It's located way up in the mountains, there is no electricity, and the whole place is heated and lighted by oil apparently. Everyone gets small oil lanterns at night and there are mixed outside baths. Right now though we are counting on a cancellation to get a room since they are all booked up. It's a three day weekend and will be crazy everywhere. Until after my B-day! Ciao!