Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Wedding

Finally getting a post up about my trip back to Missoula to attend (groomsman!!) my good friends Jonathan and Ayumi's wedding. It was a crazy fast four days back in Missoula. I managed to see almost everyone at least once (Even got Sam to come out of his hovel and visit!) and met a few old faces randomly around town whilst shopping for Uhmerican goods that I can't get here in Japanland.

The wedding was held up in beautiful Seeley Lake, Montana. A perfect wedding in my book, simple and not too flashy. Although I didn't plan it so simple might be a huge understatement.

Here are our beautiful bridesmaids.

And our Resavoir Dogs Groomsmen.

Only one knocked up braidsmaid... It was a non-traditional wedding.

The honorary 5th Groomsman. He was a wild one, too wild even for the main ceremony.

There was only one man who could control the 5th Groomsman, Smatt "Pugman" Read

The paparazzi was there taking over 1200 pictures. (Mostly of people's chins and feet.)

A burden light as a feather, right Jonathan?

"and Jonathan, do you vow to always share your plate...."

Their love is bright as the sun. (Sam kept doing "The Randal" we tried to stop him, but he seemed to enjoy it so much we left him to it.)

This is a great photo of the partner switch. (Jonathan watch those hands! That's my mother!)

I am very glad to have been able to see this wedding. It was well worth the trip back and forth. I know there are hundreds of more pictures out there. There was a lot of shenanigans and goings on that I wasn't able to capture (mostly because I was part of them) so maybe once Jonathan gets those all collected we can get a full album posted.


smatt said...

Nice shots, Seamus.

What's going on back in Japan?

Shamalama said...

You're looking at it dude! I have posted more in the last week then I did in the last month.

Did you and Annie make it to Helena? Still in SF?

Oh, and I finally get to see TDK this weekend! Sneek Preview ftw!

KSensei said...

I wonder if we will get copies of the chins and feet pictures.

I heard that my aunt was able to make that dead tree behind the waterfall look alive again when she edited the pics. Cant wait to see them.

Ill get some from the honeymoon together--no not those types of pics--to show when I get a chance!