Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Father To Be

October 6th, 2008 will be a day to remember! For everyone! For it is the day that Shamalama was told that he will be a father!

This is the first recorded picture of the soon to be famous

(Name pending.)

First grandson/daughter, first nephew/niece (sex also pending atm), first red-headed Japanese!

For anyone who has forgotten to breath due to the shock of me becoming a father...

"Deep breath, there ya go, now through your noes, aaahhh, that's better..."

Risa is now in her 8th week and we will know the exact due date by next doctor visit. Looking at a few charts the date should be around the end of May, beginning of June.

Oh, and since my choice of name will probably be shot down any suggestions are appreciated!

I will leave you with a couple pictures my grandmother sent me recently of two little devils some of you might recognize.


TheSarah said...

You know... I don't think the red hair is a dominant trait. Little Dynamite can be a redhead in spirit, though, I'm sure.

Smatt a.k.a. Rubber Band Man said...

Wow, awesome! Congrats Seamus and Risa! I am thunderstruck! That's also part of my suggestion: Thunderstruck Ohio Couch!

Can't wait to tell Annie!

Shamalama said...

Nice! Like the name. Although we might stick with Risa's last name as a middle name.

Thunderstruck Watanabe Couch

He will have hell of a time filling out applications!

Annie said...

I'm speechless...and thrilled!!! Congratulations to both of you!! I'm wondering, though, if the world is ready for a mini-Shamalama. At least we have some time to prepare.

Oh, and you'll have to learn to take photos of someone other than yourself! Once mini-Shama is born you're totally out. I'm assuming the kid will be smaller and cuter than you.

Will you be bringing mini-you to the U.S. for a visit soon after his/her arrival? We can't wait to meet the little bundle of red.

TheSarah said...

I would just like to add... what the hell is up with our friends procreating when they're really stinking far away?! No play dates for little Ben, Ethan, Nikola, Isaac (Katelyn's little one), and Thunderstruck, I guess. Poo.

Shamalama said...

How else would you conquer the world if you didn't strategically place you generals all over the planet! Mwahahahaa

Shamalama said...

Oh, btw. Who is Ethan?

TheSarah said...

Ethan is our newest goblin.

Are we playing Risk with babies?