Saturday, August 18, 2007


So, I was walking to the station yesterday to catch my train to Hirosaki, where I would catch the bus to the airport and fly down to Tokyo. I figured as I walked to the station I could email Risa and let her know I am on time and about to arrive at the station.

If you have been to Japan you will know that they have torrential rain sometimes. There are large drainage diteches along all roadsides with large heavy cement blocks covering them. There are small holes in the blocks so they can be removed and replaced.

I pull out my cellphone.

I flip it open with one hand. (This is very cool looking.)

It flys from my hand, bounces twice, opens up, and slips perfectly into the small crack in the sidewalk.

There is about a 2 second delay, and I hear a *curr plunk*.

Yep, cell phone is gone for good. I have no way to contact Risa, I have no phone numbers of my emergency contacts in Kuroishi, and not to mention I just spent three days at Aomori Orientation gathering phone numbers and emails of other Aomori JETs. All of who's are only recorded in my cellphone.

I am writing this from Risa's apartment in Tokyo. So I did make it here with no problems and we are going to call Willcom today and see if I can get it replaced.

Take this as a warning people. If you drop your cell phone it will find the nearest hole and fall down it.

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smatt said...

The correct spelling is "D'oh!" as per the on-line Oxford English Dictionary. D'uh!

Hey, that was a funny post about your phone; probably not too funny in the moment, but I can hear you cussing up a storm. < plop > Ha!

How's Risa? Is she still living in Tokyo? What's up?