Thursday, August 23, 2007

Finally Settled...Almost.

Finally back in Aomori. I had flown down to Tokyo to help Risa with the move up here last Saturday and just arrived back here in Kuroishi. It was an uneventful move luckily (besides the cell phone). It's usually quite expensive to move in Japan, sometimes in the thousands of dollars just to move inter-prefecturally, plus key money/deposit money, etc. Risa managed to fit all of her belongings, plus a few things of mine I had left in her apartment, into one crate which cost only a few hundred dollars to get shipped to our apartment in Kuroishi. It should arrive tomorrow and we can finish moving in!

We had a few free days in Tokyo to relax and do some shopping. We spent one day in Akibahara Electric Town where I bought a few "desperately needed" things. We also went out a few nights with some of Risa's college friends that she will be leaving in the move.

One night we met up with a couple good friends of Risa's, one of which is a singer/songwriter with a few albums released independently. His alias for his singing career is Danny. And according to him his first major label debut will be this November. He is quite a character! If you look closely in this picture you can see a white blotch on his crotch (if you care to look). Right before he came to meet us a taxi drove over a tube of dry wall compound and squirted the white goop all over him!

The day before the move we stayed at Risa's sister's place. We had some time to kill that afternoon so we went to a local onsen (hot spring bath) in Chofu. It was a great little bath house! They provided you with towels and your own little bath house outfit (I couldn't help but break out my Chan moves). The water was a dark brown color but felt really good on your skin. There was one bath where the bottom was covered in small pebbles. You could walk around in it and get an excellent foot massage.


Annie said...

A night out with 5 ladies?!! Walking the streets with a man with white crotch goo?!! A bathhouse?!!! My goodness what is going on over there? What happened to the sweet, innocent ShamaLama who played board games and rode his bike for fun? Do we need to come over there and bring you home?!

smatt said...

Seamus... what are we going to do with you. Next time, get six ladies.

Shamalama said...

What can I say...the ladies love the Shamalama. And people wonder why so many nerds love Japan...

TheSarah said...

I FINALLY took a look at this page about 5 minutes ago and I was wondering why the heck it kept making this irritating clicking sound. Once I scrolled to the bottom, I saw your slideshow. Just so you know, it clicks irritatingly - or it irritatingly clicks. Whichever you like.

And way to go on the comically classic loss of your cell phone! Brilliant! I mean... I'm sorry. That sucks.

Ben misses you. We keep telling him to just forget you but he can be pretty tenacious.